More Americans Joined CUs Last Month Than All of 2010 - Combined!

Good news, everyone!

650,000 Americans left their banks for credit unions last month. Let's put that in perspective: There were only about 600,000 new members in branches across the US in 2010!

And that, my friends is a big bag of win. Its no secret where they came from -

More than four in every five credit unions experiencing member growth since Sept. 29 attributed the growth to consumer reaction to new fees imposed by banks, or a combination of consumer reactions to the new bank fees plus the social media-inspired "Bank Transfer Day," Nov. 5.

- American Banker

Now that you've got em, keep em! I dug through the archives to compile a nice little guide of things you should do to ensure you keep your shiny new members! You can thank me later :)

I've said it a few times before, and I'll say it again - credit unions have a golden oppurtunity right now, and we should take it!

Has your credit union seen a huge increase of new accounts? Why do you think that is? Sound off in the comments section!