Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

My beloved JEEP finally gave up on me, so I found myself needing to get a new set of wheels. Once I'd selected my lovely new ride it was time to do all of the necessary little things ou have to do when you switch vehicles—secure financing, get it inspected, etc.

I made the decision to switch insurance companies because my rate tripled with my current company, and only doubled with another. I scheduled a good chunk of time (because these things always take hours) and gave them a ring to cancel my policy. 

The conversation not only took forever, it was... kind of unpleasant.

Here are a few things that I took away from my conversation with the "retention specialist" as I tried to cancel. Here's what I'd say to a member care representative who was dealing with a member leaving.

  1. Don't be upset. For some reason, it seemed as if she was kind of angry I was leaving. It seemed like she was on the defensive from the start. Don't take it personally! 
  2. Be interested as to why I'm leaving. At one point she asked why I was switching. I told her that that I'd found a better rate elsewhere. She responded "Hmmmm...." and was so silent that I thought my phone had disconnected.
  3. If you wish me luck, mean it. Near the end of our thirty minute conversation, she wished me luck with my new insurance company, but said it in the same tone that you would use to tell someone to go die in a fire.

What made thins so much more confusing is that I'd been with this company for three years, and still had other types of insurance through them!

ustomer service reps are increasingly becoming the main method of communication between members and credit unions. In what ways does your credit union train member care reps for account cancellations? Let us know in the comment section below!


DeAndre Upshaw is a former Young & Free Texas Spokester. He's a marketing professional living in Dallas and a Beyonce enthusiast. DeAndre is the host and executive producer of The State of Awesome. Follow him on Twitter and check out his personal website.