Win $6,000 worth of awesome content for your credit union

We’re giving away a pair of annual subscriptions to our It’s a Money Thing financial education content program to the two most creative and worthy credit unions!

We developed our It's a Money Thing content to help credit unions reach and teach young adults in the communities that they serve. Sure, you can post the videos to YouTube and show the presentations in local classrooms, but that's just scratching the surface!

Tell us why your credit union deserves to win and what you intend to do with the content. Will you host a financial fitness fair with your local 4H club? Will you project your videos on the side of your credit union branches? Will you fold your handouts into paper airplanes? Think of this as a wild experiment—a financial literacy hackathon if you will. The more creative and impactful your ideas are, the better chances that our judges will pick your credit union! 

What we expect in return

Each of the winning credit unions can use their customized content free for one year and, in return, the winners will share their experience using the It's a Money Thing program. We will document each credit union's adventure in an article that will be published on the Currency Marketing website.

“Winning this contest last year was the best thing that ever happened to our credit union! It’s a Money Thing is professional, cute and fun—students really relate to it. It’s an easy message in a nice package. Our staff loves the content and can probably quote every line from every video. It’s really helped the content become ingrained for our staff.”
— Barbara Bean, CEO, Cal Poly Federal Credit Union

Key dates

May 16 to June 3

Submissions include a brief description of why your credit union deserves to win plus creative ideas on what your credit union will do with the content.

JUNE 4 TO 10

Our judging panel will review and score each entry.


We will announce the two winning credit unions right here on our website.


The winning credit unions receive their first content packs.

Meet our judges

Currency recently collaborated with the Filene Research Institute to pilot It's a Money Thing with 10 credit unions from all over the United States and Canada. Filene has also graciously recruited a phenomenal judging panel for our second 365-Day Content Adventure Contest.

Barbara Bean

Barb is the CEO of Cal Poly Federal Credit Union, a small credit union in California that serves the students of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Barb has served as the CEO of Cal Poly FCU for more than 20 years and believes whole heartedly in the power of the credit union movement. Cal Poly FCU was one of the 2015 winners of this contest.

Kathy Lavorato

Kathy is the Operations & Compliance Manager of Kingston Community Credit Union in Ontario, Canada. Her eagerness to learn and devotion to the co-operative spirit of people helping people has given her the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge with members and her community. Kingston Community Credit Union was one of the 2015 winners of this contest.


James Marshall

James is the Manager of The Cooperative Trust, a grassroots community of young people who work in credit unions and cooperatives founded by the Filene Research Institute. Before joining Filene and the Trust, James was the Marketing Manager at Plane Saver Credit Union in London, one of the largest credit unions in the United Kingdom.


Hope Schau

Hope is a Filene Research Fellow and the Gary M. Munsinger Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona. She has published well-cited research on the impact of technology on marketplace relationships, branding, identity-salient consumption practices and collaborative value creation.

Your credit union should enter if

Your marketing and education budget is tight

This contest isn't just for small credit unions. We realize that large credit unions have budget constraints too.

Young people are important to your credit union

We're looking for credit unions that truly believe attracting and educating young adults is the key to the future.

You have big ideas on how you’ll use the content

Think outside your comfort zone and wow the judges with your big hairy audacious plans to get your content seen.

The winners will receive the first 12 packs for free

Click the images to see all of the pieces from each content pack.

What will you do with this awesome content?

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