Introducing a perfect extra revenue stream for your credit union league, association or foundation

Our It's a Money Thing Reseller Program provides high-quality financial literacy content and an additional revenue stream for your league, association or foundation.


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As a league or association, it's important to provide products that promote the growth, development and success of your credit unions and their members.


The It’s a Money Thing Reseller Program lets you offer high-quality, smart and entertaining financial literacy content to your member credit unions, while generating a regular stream of income for your organization or foundation. Currency is committed to creating and supplying quality financial education content that aligns with the credit union movement's mission and values.

Here's how it works

Currency provides an ongoing 10% commission to your league or foundation. Your revenue 
potential is significant
. Since a credit union's annual subscription to It's a Money Thing 
is $6,000, your 10% commission equals $600 per year per participating credit union.


  • 20 subscriptions = $12,000 per year
  • 30 subscriptions = $18,000 per year
  • 40 subscriptions = $24,000 per year
  • 50 subscriptions = $30,000 per year
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Grounded in research and consumer need

Currency is collaborating with the Filene Research Institute to pilot It's a Money Thing. More than 20 credit unions from all over the United States and Canada signed up to participate in the pilot and we are now in the data-collection phase. Expect a comprehensive research report to be published by mid 2015.


What participating credit unions receive

Subscribing credit unions receive a fresh content pack on a monthly or quarterly basis. Each It's a Money Thing content pack tackles an important financial topic and includes a video, infographic, article, presentation and handout branded with the credit union's logo.

Credit unions can post this quality content to their websites and social networks. As part of their subscription, credit unions receive ongoing tips, bulletins and planning materials to help them promote and share their content each month.

With It's a Money Thing, credit unions in your region will have the content that they need to make an impact with young adults in the communities that their credit unions serve.

Financial education content worth sharing

Click the images to see all of the content that participating credit unions receive in their first year.

What to expect from Currency


Your credit union league or foundation will receive a 10% ongoing commission for each credit union based in your state that subscribes to It's Money Thing.

Sales & MARKETING Support

We'll provide artwork for the promotional items needed to be successful, including advertisements, flyers, web banners, articles and more.

Technical support

We're responsible for all customer and technical support to the participating credit unions. Simply refer individual credit union questions and concerns to us.

What we expect from your league


You'll devote time, energy and skill on a regular and consistent basis to sell and promote the sale of It's a Money Thing to your member credit unions.


You'll host webinars, provide ad space in print and email communications and invite Currency to speak and exhibit at your conferences.

Open Communication

Throughout the life of our relationship, you'll collaborate and be open and forthright in all of your communications with Currency.

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Lead the charge in financial education

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