Money Mom marries a winning combination of integrated marketing and content strategy with a local voice and relevant products designed to appeal to moms and families.

Money Mom is a fully integrated marketing program designed to help credit unions raise awareness and affinity with a very powerful market segment—moms. It requires minimal resources, a modest budget and is very customizable. Money Mom is ideal for progressive credit unions looking to make a significant impact with moms and families.

With women making more than 80% of the financial decisions in their families, it makes sense to make your credit union mom friendly. Savvy credit unions that consciously build their brand and products to appeal to moms have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves in an otherwise homogeneous marketplace. Make a mom happy and you’ve got the whole family plus all of her friends as new members. 

You can do this by hiring a local mommy blogger. Your part-time Money Mom is empowered to create and connect on the social web and on a custom-branded website designed to fit with your credit union's look and feel. We back up our Money Mom Marketing Program with expert guidance and years of experience. Our team is an extension of your marketing team and we work hand-in-hand with you and your Money Mom to ensure that your credit union makes an impact.

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Connect your credit union to Moms


Your name

Your program, your name. If your credit union is Trinity Credit Union, your program is known as Trinity Mom. With your brand front and center, you are well positioned to make a memorable impact with moms in your credit union's trade area.


Your mom

Your part-time, local Money Mom is tasked with creating and curating great content and connecting online. We help you find your Money Mom through our proven public search process, plus we also provide ongoing coaching.


Your website

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, it’s critical to have a platform that works well on all devices. Your modern Money Mom website is mobile responsive, automatically adjusting to whatever screen your audience is viewing it on.


Your connection

An integral part of the program is having a consistent presence on major social networks. Your Money Mom concentrates on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and also writes blog posts and produces videos regularly.

Authentic content that appeals to moms

Make an even bigger impact with these add ons


Add products

We recommend adding family-friendly products to your program including a free checking account for mom and dad and a youth account for the kids. For an additional fee, we can provide guidance, naming and design to make your products stand out.


Add financial literacy

We've partnered with FamZoo to give your Money Mom a great optional tool to feature and promote. FamZoo is a family-friendly web application that helps parents teach children the practical skills they’ll need to thrive in the real world. 


Add promotions

We’ve created a range of effective ways to promote your credit union and engage with moms including simple Facebook promos to philanthropic video contests. You can choose to add our contests and promotions a la carte.

Don’t just take our word for it


“We wanted to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation. The best way to do that is by pleasing their moms. Moms make most of the spending decisions in a family and they hold the most influence over where their children will eventually do their banking. We look at our Verity Mom program as a multi-generational strategy.”

— Shari Storm, Chief Marketing Officer, Verity Credit Union


“I’ve said this before, I’ll say it over and over: You cannot advertise your way to trust. It has to be experienced. Verity Mom gives moms the opportunity to experience Verity Credit Union, and that builds trust and authenticity.”

— Ron Shevlin, Senior Analyst, Aite Group


“The contests we've held in conjunction with our Verity Mom program have helped bring in new members because they are so different from traditional credit union promotions. The key to everything we do is to not be afraid to do something different. People respond well if you are willing to go head first. You have to be prepared to put a lot effort into it, because programs like this do not run themselves. But it definitely is well worth doing.”

– Melina Young, Director of Marketing,
Verity Credit Union

First come, first served

All regions are exclusive and are licensed on a first-come, first-served basis. We will not license Money Mom to banks. For Money Mom, regions are defined geographically by the counties that the credit union operates in. The first qualifying credit union in each region to sign an agreement will secure regional rights to the program.

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