After the kids – now it's the moms

CU Newswire

Based on their award-winning Young & Free marketing program, Currency Marketing has created another innovative programme – Money Mom. 

The problem this addresses is that women make roughly 89% of the financial decisions in their families. But a number of CUs are not very female-friendly.

Stay-at-home moms, working moms, single moms — no matter what the situation, the fact is, CUs are failing to give moms the attention they deserve. And, since almost every bank and CU is turning a blind eye to moms, savvy CUs, who consciously build their brand and products to appeal to moms, will have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves in an otherwise homogenous marketplace.

In this programme you’ll find a local mom to be the voice of your CU. Her job will be to connect on- and off-line with the local community to raise awareness and affinity for your CU.

To date, two Money Moms have held this great part-time job, Rosemary Garner in 2010 and Daeniell Gahl, both at Verity CU. Each has brought her own unique style to the position and each has had a significant impact at their CU and in their community.