Chilliwack design firm makes the list

Chilliwack Times | By Staff Writer

It's official. Business in Vancouver recently published its annual list of the top 20 graphic design firms in British Columbia. The list ranks Currency Marketing, of Chilliwack, as the province's 15th largest graphic design firm.

Currency Marketing was the only firm based in the Fraser Valley to make the list. Most of the other firms on the list are concentrated in Vancouver's downtown core. So Currency Marketing continues to take the path less traveled in its quest for success. More impressive is that six of the firms against which the Currency Marketing is ranked on the list are divisions of large advertising agencies. Merely making the list is an accomplishment amid British Columbia's highly competitive graphic design industry, which boasts more than 300 design firms.

"I'm pleased with our accomplishments," notes Tim McAlpine, president and creative director of Currency Marketing. "I am particularly proud that we remain independent and continue to work and live in Chilliwack while expanding our client base throughout the province. In a relatively flat economy, it is rewarding to know that our work has positively affected the bottom line of the clients we work for. This is the key to our continued growth and our strong reputation.

Award-winning Currency Marketing is Canada's leading credit union marketing agency. We are experts in helping credit unions relaunch, promote, and reposition their brands across all points of member contact. Currency Marketing is based in Chilliwack, British Columbia.