CUs need to make more use of video

CU Newswire

CUs not using video are missing out on an effective tool to communicate with:

  • Staff
  • Members
  • Potential members

That’s the opinion of Tim McAlpine, head of Currency Marketing and developer of the very successful Young&Free program among many others. He doesn’t feel that a CU’s video needs to go viral to be successful. He cited as an example of Libro Financial putting its annual report on video. The CU broke the 50-page report into chapters and put those on youtube. They also reassembled it. What might be some other uses?

  • Training
  • Program launches
  • Getting information to staff from diverse locations

The uses are as varied as the imagination.

There are drawbacks, such as the lack of keyword searches, but he believes someday there will be. However, a good title description and tagging means a video can be found.

Some still have the idea social networking in general will compromise systems, a view he disagrees with.

CUs do not need to hire production companies with huge costs. He recommends hiring freelancers. He does believe in using good equipment. Cannon is his favourite. He recommends that an extra microphone be used, because poor audio can kill the effect of a video. Equally important is good lighting.

Content, content, content

Boring videos can be detrimental. Having a CEO stare into a camera and speak in a monotone for 5 minutes, almost guarantees people won’t listen. McAlpine says:

  • If you have 5 minutes of script, cut it to 2. Make it short and sweet.
  • Look for the “stars” to speak on the video.
  • Videos should be scripted and tightly edited

Videos and all social media should be part of the overall marketing program. “Everything should feed off everything else,” he said.

To read more check out McAlpine’s article here.