Looking for CU innovators

CU Newswire

An interesting website that conducts interviews with CU innovators plus gives other information is Currency Marketing. The 18-year old company is a marketing firm specializing in CU branding, marketing and social media since 2000.

The site recently featured guest Tom Webb, Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Program Manager of the Master of Management – Co-operatives and Credit Unions program. He teaches field research including study visits to examples of excellent co-operative business practices.

The firm conducted podcast interviews with CU experts attending the CUES Conference.

CEO Tim McAlpine believes, "In a world where banks and credit unions appear to be interchangeable to consumers, product innovation is the only way to really stand out from the crowd. Offering better service or better rates isn't enough. Better is just better. People are drawn to things that are different. To make business even harder, the built-in credit union difference is no longer enough to stand out. Not only do credit unions have to compete against banks today, credit unions have to compete against other credit unions.