It’s a Money Thing is a collection of effective and affordable financial education content designed to engage and teach young adults while setting your credit union apart.

Each It's a Money Thing content pack tackles an important financial topic and includes a video, infographic, article, presentation and handout branded with your credit union's logo. This quality content is ideal for posting to your credit union's website and social networks. It's a Money Thing presentations are a great way to connect with local educators and students.

With It's a Money Thing, you'll have the content that you need to make an impact with young adults in the communities that your credit union serves.

Join Jen on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money

Join Jen on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money

Each content pack is packed with awesome

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CUSTOMIZEDMake an impact and leave a lasting impression since all pieces are customized with your credit union's logo.

VIDEO—Each content pack includes a high-quality animated video that you can post to your credit union's YouTube channel. It's designed to engage, entertain and teach.

INFOGRAPHIC—The topic is explored further with a dynamic and shareable infographic. This visual tool presents complex information quickly and clearly.

ARTICLE—A supporting article is ideal for posting to your credit union's blog and distributing through your print and email newsletters. 

PRESENTATION—The topic is expanded into a presentation that's perfect for taking into high school and college classrooms.

HANDOUT—A single 8.5"x11" page that's ready to print and share. This handy reference can be used as notes to accompany a presentation.

The first 12 packs

Packs are delivered monthly or quarterly starting with pack 1

1.  Choosing Your F.I. (Free Trial)
2.  Credit Score Breakdown
3.  Foiling Identity Theft
4.  Boost Your Credit Score

5.  Budget Basics
6.  Checking & Savings Demystified 
7.  Compound Interest Mind Bend
8.  Living on Your Own

9.  Emergency Fund
10.  Buying vs. Leasing a Car
11.  Mastering the ATM
12.  Common Money Beliefs

  — with many more to follow —

Our creativity and your satisfaction guaranteed

Tim McAlpine, creative director, and Larissa Walkiw, the original Young & Free Spokester, have teamed up to re-imagine financial education.


If at any time you are unsatisfied with the quality of the content, you can cancel with no questions asked.

Affordable customized content

Start with a free trial or dive right into our quarterly or monthly plans—the choice is yours. All of the content that you receive can be used by your credit union for as long as your subscription is active. Content is specific to U.S. or Canadian credit unions.

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