It’s a Money Thing is a collection of effective and affordable financial education content designed to engage and teach young adults while setting your credit union apart. Your credit union can receive new content every month for a very affordable price.

Each It's a Money Thing content pack tackles an important financial topic and includes a video, infographic, article, presentation, social media graphics and handout branded with your credit union's logo. This quality content is ideal for posting to your credit union's website and social networks. It's a Money Thing presentations are a great way to connect with local educators and students.

Join Jen on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money

Each content pack is packed with awesome


CUSTOMIZED—Pieces are customized with your credit union's logo to make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

VIDEO—Each content pack includes a high-quality animated video that you can post to your credit union's YouTube channel. It's designed to engage, entertain and teach.

INFOGRAPHIC—The topic is explored further with a dynamic and shareable infographic designed to present complex information quickly and clearly.

ARTICLE—A supporting article is ideal for posting to your credit union's blog and distributing through your print and email newsletters. 

PRESENTATION—The topic is expanded into a presentation that's perfect for taking into high school and college classrooms.

HANDOUT—A single 8.5"x11" page that's ready to print and share. This handy reference can be used as notes to accompany a presentation.

Ideal for a variety of content needs





Grounded in research and consumer need

Grounded in Filene Research Institute's extensive research in this critical and developing area, It's a Money Thing will help your credit union engage and build relationships with young adults.

Should financial institutions offer this content?

Survey of 368 young adults

Ten credit unions from the United States and Canada participated in an It's a Money Thing pilot conducted by Filene. Business results and young adult engagement were very positive.

Should this content be presented in high schools?

Survey of 368 young adults
“Targeted at 15- to 25‑year-olds, It’s a Money Thing provides financial literacy content that is clever, concise and easily accessible. This initiative exemplifies high-quality financial education programming.”
— Annamaria Lusardi, Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar and Academic Director, Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, George Washington University

Humorous storytelling equals engagement and learning

Who said financial education has to be all serious and boring? We are inviting young adults to join our main character Jen on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money. And we are doing it in a way that entertains while educating—this is the key to It’s a Money Thing’s success. The financial concepts presented are sophisticated, while the simple animated approach perfectly appeals to young adults.

Using animation allows us to explain complex topics simply and in a memorable way while leaving a smile on your face. Watch "Leasing vs. Buying a New Car" to see for yourself.

The first 12 packs

Click the images to see all of the pieces from each content pack.

Packs are delivered monthly or quarterly starting with pack 1

And here’s the packs you’ll receive in your second year

13.  Loan Basics
14.  Investment Vehicles
15.  Know Your Checking Account
16.  Predatory Lending

17.  Understanding Inflation
18.  Intro to Insurance
19.  How to Save On Groceries
20.  Demystifying Mortgages

21.  Organizing Your Finances
22.  The Rule of 72
23.  Earning Money Online
24.  Good & Bad Spending

“It’s a Money Thing was the best thing that ever happened to our credit union! It’s professional and fun—students really relate to it. It’s an easy message in a nice package. Our staff loves the content and can probably quote every line from every video. It’s really helped the content become ingrained for our staff.”
— Barbara Bean, CEO, Cal Poly Federal Credit Union

Credit union case studies by Filene Research Institute

“The content packs are extremely valuable because they allows us to share different formats in different channels.”

 – Wellesley Sommerfeldt,
VP, Integrated Marketing

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“Currency is dedicated to excellence and you won’t be disappointed in the content or support.”

– Rachel Parrent, Community Engagement Manager

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Our creativity and your satisfaction guaranteed

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We research, write, illustrate, create, voice and animate a new content pack every month. We have a strict 100% originality policy—all original writing and absolutely no clipart, stock photography or stock footage.

We offer a money-back guaranteeWithin the first 60 days, you may cancel your subscription and you will receive a full refund.

Subscribing is up to 20x cheaper


We compared our cheapest subscription option against the cost of creating custom content using a popular video and data visualization vendor. We found that our price is actually 20 times cheaper. That's not a typo!

With It’s a Money Thing, a simple monthly subscription gets you a steady stream of awesome content for an affordable monthly or annual payment. Plus, our price includes research, writing and coordination of the creative production—additional time-consuming tasks not included in the third-party vendor’s costs. We have four pricing options to choose from—see which plan works best for you.


Affordable customized content

Subscribe to our quarterly or monthly plans—the choice is yours. All of the content that you receive can be used by your credit union for as long as your subscription is active. Content is specific to U.S. or Canadian credit unions.


Put your credit union in good company

Join these progressive credit unions in the United States and Canada that are utilizing It's a Money Thing content packs! 

“I wish I would have seen these videos in my high school personal finance class”
— 23-year-old female focus group participant

Don’t just take our word for it

“We were attracted to It's a Money Thing because it’s great marketing and educational content at a very affordable price. We are a small credit union and have shopped around for creative content in the past. Pricing was out of our budget. This isn’t and it’s super great quality.”

– Linda Bodie, CEO & Chief Innovator, Element Federal Credit Union

“We LOVE what we are receiving so far. And it’s obvious that our members and staff are liking it too. We are using almost all pieces within each pack in many different ways so it allows us to reach the community in their preferred method… social, email, video, handout, etc.”

– Amanda Brown, Marketing Communications Specialist. Fox Communities Credit Union

“Informative quality content, in a variety of formats, that is easy to digest in quick bites. This program helps my small marketing department of one provide a beneficial and appealing resource without taking much of my time. It allows me to connect with one of our key segments in a way I simply couldn’t before.”

– Laurissa Grubb, Director of Marketing, Blue Eagle Credit Union



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