About us

100% of our clients are in the credit union movement

Founded in 1990, Currency is the leading credit union-focused financial education firm. The It’s a Money Thing Financial Education Program helps credit unions attract, educate and inspire young adult members, and provides education and financial training for members and staff.

The Currency team

From L to R: Larissa Walkiw (Senior Designer & Animator), Michael Berger (Program Director), Tim McAlpine (President & Creative Director), Earthstar Smith (Graphic Designer & Animator), Irene Bennett (Vice President, Operations) and Nala Henkel-Aislinn (Business Development)

“Engaging over-confident, over-stimulated young adults in financial education has become our mission. We believe that all young adults need to be financially literate and be able to make smart financial decisions.”
— Tim McAlpine, President & Creative Director


Our purpose

Help credit unions deepen their relationships with members—especially young adults—and give credit unions an edge in an increasingly competitive financial services environment

We can’t wait for the day when the credit union industry’s average age moves closer to 40. By engaging with young adults and families where they live—online and out in their communities—not only do credit unions foster financially savvy members, they’re increasing their long-term viability. We believe in the credit union movement, and that’s why everything we do centers on credit union growth and awareness. We only work with credit unions—it's in our best interest for you to be successful.

Decades of Experience

Founded in 1990, Currency has a proven track record of helping credit unions achieve their education and member growth goals.

100% Credit Union

We only work with credit union clients, we are credit union members and our president is the board chair of a small credit union. We don’t think you can be more committed than that. We believe what you do and what we do makes a difference.

100+ Credit Unions

More than 100 progressive credit unions in the United States and Canada are currently using It’s a Money Thing content!



What we offer

Educate young adults with engaging financial education materials that are perfect for social media and offline use

Co-operate and connect with fellow credit union professionals at this uniquely inspiring annual conference

This annual competition celebrates the best emerging credit union leaders and their ideas



Legacy of innovation


Launched in 2007 and retired in 2018, our innovative Young & Free Marketing Program was an immersive young adult brand ambassador campaign for attracting young adults to credit unions. 

On an annual basis, we helped participating credit unions hire a new young adult spokesperson through a public search. His or her job was to attract and educate new young adult credit union members by offering useful information and promoting relevant products and services in person and online.

During the program’s  run, 39 young people held this dynamic “Young & Free Spokester” role and helped credit unions across the United States and Canada attract more 250,000 new members! 

Having all of these Spokesters in the field gave us direct access to thousands of young adults. We heard recurring questions and concerns that young people have about money. In 2014, we coupled our experience with Young & Free plus these direct insights from young people with the evolution of social media and content marketing to launch our It’s a Money Thing content subscription service.

39 amazing young people held the title of Young & Free Spokester

Our facility

Cowork Chilliwack is a division of Currency. We have two floors of coworking space for local entrepreneurs. Currency occupies a portion of the second floor.