22 days has September?

I set a pretty audacious goal for myself—write 30 things in 30 days. I published 22 things. Not bad.


Truth be told, I haven't set enough time aside to blog in 2009 and the tweet above from the author of the Financial Brand, Jeffry Pilcher, gave me the kick start I needed to reinvest in the Currency blog.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but over the past month Morriss Partee has been blogging more, Matt Dean has posting some great stuff on Open Source CU after an almost two-year hiatus, and low and behold, Ron Shevlin has started a new blog!

Thanks Jeffry.

I've enjoyed spending time thinking more deeply than is possible in 140 characters!

I have to agree with Matt Davis, "I guess CU blogs aren't dead."


If the pistachio industry can do it, can't credit unions?

Thing 22 of 30: Act like there is no tomorrow