A new decade with a new site, a new employee and other new stuff!

I'm very excited to introduce the brand new YoungFreeHQ.com. I wrote a blog post describing the role of the new site on the new site, so I won't bother doubling up here. Please check it out and subscribe to our new Why Gen Y Blog.


I'm also super excited to announce that we have hired DeAndre' Upshaw, the former 2009 Young & Free Texas Spokesperson. Again, I've described what DeAndre' will be up to on the same blog post. Welcome aboard DeAndre'!

We will be shutting down our LivingYoungAndFree.com site within the next couple of weeks and will be encouraging members of that site to become a fan of our new Facebook fan page. We've also set up a new Twitter account to follow as well. Please add us in one or both spots if you are interested.

While the Ning social network, Living Young & Free, served the need of being a central site, it lacked a defined purpose and audience. Members include a few credit union industry folks combined with a few young people that happened to find it. In the end, Facebook and Twitter do a much better job at being social networks! Live, learn and move forward.

The new site is 100% credit-union-industry focussed and won't compete at all with our regional consumer-focussed Young & Free sites. I am really excited about the new site and I hope you are too.


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