ATM Mysteries

I know many people have wondered why drive-thru ATMs have braille on them. My daughter asked me this a few years ago. She didn't know whether to believe me or not when I replied "For blind people, of course."

My latest curiousity about these machines is why they can't angle the screens. Have you ever had to select which account and the options on the screen doesn't line up with the buttons? So you have to scrunch down a little to make sure you're pushing the right one, because heaven forbid you choose an account you don't have OR you select "French" by mistake and test the patience of the people behind you when you ask them "What does 'choisir' mean?"

I'm not an amazon woman (5'7") but when my 4'0" daughter ALSO had to scrunch down, I knew I was onto another ATM anomoly.

Hmmm... Quelle étrange!


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