Blog starter kit part 1: a dozen blogs by credit union service providers

"What blogs should I follow?"

I have been asked this question a few times recently by credit union folks interested in getting involved in social media. To make things easy for you to pick and choose, I will publish a six-part series of my favourites in various categories. Naturally, you need to subcribe to our four blogs to get you started (hee hee)!

  1. Feed | URL | Cuckoo
  2. Feed | URL | Currency Marketing
  3. Feed | URL | Young & Free Alberta
  4. Feed | URL | Young & Free Texas

A dozen blogs by credit union service providers

  1. Feed | URL | CU Hype
  2. Feed | URL | Cult-ivation
  3. Feed | URL | CUES Nexus Connection
  4. Feed | URL | Current Issues in Credit Unions (blog and podcast)
  5. Feed | URL | Doxim
  6. Feed | URL | World 2.0
  7. Feed | URL | Filene Research Institute
  8. Feed | URL | FORUM Solutions
  9. Feed | URL | Open Source CU
  10. Feed | URL | NACUSO
  11. Feed | URL | Payment Industry Insider
  12. Feed | URL | What's the Difference

Next up:

  • Dozen blogs by providers servicing banks and credit unions
  • Dozen blogs by credit union employees
  • Dozen blogs by credit unions
  • Dozen blogs about marketing and social media
  • Dozen blogs that are just silly and fun

At the end of the series you will have 76 blogs to pick and choose from. If you are new to blogs and social media, I encourage you to test these out, kick some tires and leave a comment or two. It's a great on-going conversation to be a part of.

It was tough to pick just 12 and I know I missed some good blogs. Did I miss any of your favourites? Please add them to the comments.


Blog starter kit part 2: a dozen blogs by providers servicing banks and credit unions

Thank you!