Blog starter kit part 7: a dozen blogs that are just silly and fun

This last list has real potential of making you think less of me!

This is a collection of hidden gems, time wasters, gut busters and just plain weird blogs. Click if you dare. I have marked a few with asterisks (*). These blogs are not suitable for those easily offended and are best not to be viewed at work. You will have a hard time explaining why you have your earbuds in and Coke coming out of your nose. I crowd sourced a few of these on Twitter, so if any offend you, it's wasn't me (really).

Final warning: This is not the list to give to your boss to convince him or her that your credit union should get involved in social media. That's what part 1 to 6 is for.

  1. Feed | URL | Indexed
  2. Feed | URL | Fail Blog*
  3. Feed | URL | Funny of Die*
  4. Feed | URL | LOLZIES!!1@!
  5. Feed | URL | Storylog: True Stories
  6. Feed | URL | Stuff White People Like
  7. Feed | URL | The Alka-Seltzer Great American Road Trip
  8. Feed | URL | The Big Picture
  9. Feed | URL | The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams
  10. Feed | URL | The Onion*
  11. Feed | URL | Violent Acres*
  12. Feed | URL | You Look Nice Today*


  • Dozen blogs by credit union service providers
  • Dozen blogs by providers servicing banks and credit unions
  • Dozen blogs by credit union employees
  • Dozen blogs by credit unions
  • Dozen blogs by credit union leagues and associations
  • Dozen blogs about marketing and social media

Done. Phew, that was harder than I thought. I have given you 88 hand-selected blogs to pick and choose from. I know that is a lot, but with more than 70 million active blogs worldwide, hopefully I saved you some time finding some good blogs to follow.


The credit union social media articles and white papers are coming; I hope they include the stuff that matters

Blog starter kit part 6: a dozen blogs about marketing and social media