Credit unions rock Lifehacker and other mainstream blogs lately!

I caught this one in my RSS reader this morning and it took me by surprise. Good news credit union stories don't typically come from the biggest blogs on the planet. There was a great article posted to LifeHacker on Friday: Why Choose a Credit Union Over a Bank. Within the article are numerous links to other mainstream sites singing the praises of credit unions lately.

The credit union blog-o-sphere is a great place but it largely speaks to the converted. When credit unions get this kind of positive coverage in a non-industry blog with a huge readership, it is worth noting. As of the time of this writing, the article has been read 15,322 times. That's awesome.

Take a read and pay special attention to the more than 70 comments. For the most part, the comments are very positive. Good news like this couldn't come at a better time for credit unions.


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