Does your credit union have a CU Warrior in the making?

"Should our credit union blog?"

That is one of the top questions that I hear in the credit union space these days. Well, for North Carolina's Members Credit Union, the answer is a resounding yes.

Members' blog is the Credit Union Warrior and it is an amazing example of what a credit union blog can be.

Here are the questions credit unions are asking and this is how the folks at Members answered them.

Question 1: What the heck are we going to talk about? Our products and services are pretty boring. Who wants to hear about savings accounts and interest rates?

Members' answer: Let's wrap the content around something we are already doing well, our Football Pick'em contest. Let's not mindlessly drone on about products and services. Let's entertain and include our members in a meaningful exchange. Let's be different!

Question 2: Who's going to do it? We can't afford a social media consultant, an advertising agency or an interactive firm.

Members' answer: Let's get Matt—he'll do anything! We have a talented, motivated, engaging and technology savvy young person in our midst. Let's give him the freedom to be creative and the resources and the time he needs to get it done.

Question 3: How are we going to do it? We know nothing about blogging or what it takes to put this kind of thing together.

Members' answer: Let's use free Web 2.0 Internet services like Blogger and YouTube to host and manage our content.

As an aside, the CU Warrior is hosted using Blogger and uses embedded YouTube videos, but you could easily use other free services like Typepad, Wordpress or, the credit union specific, for your blogging platform and other free video hosting services like Vimeo or Video Egg if your blog concept requires video.

I met the Warrior himself, Matt Davis, in Indianapolis at the Partnership Symposium earlier this Fall. Matt is the director of public relations at Members Credit Union and he is a totally great guy who oozes credit union passion.

Here is Matt's latest video. It was posted about a week ago and it already has 1,200 views!

I bet if you look around your credit union there is a young person who is eager, willing and capable of doing something like this. Give him or her the freedom to be creative and you will be amazed with what he or she is able to do for their own self confidence and for your credit union.

Rock on Warrior! Rock on!


P.S. Congratulations Matt on your recent acceptance to the 30 under 30 program from the Filene Institute. You deserve it. Also, congratulations on getting a fancy new Mac Pro to work your video magic on! Welcome to the Apple camp.

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