Hello world! Currency Marketing has just hatched Cuckoo

I am so excited to announce the birth of our new service—Cuckoo! What's Cuckoo you ask? Cuckoo is a collection of amazing stock marketing campaigns developed for credit unions (and definitely not banks).

But it's so much more than that! I know that by putting professional marketing materials in the hands of smaller independent credit unions, it will help these organizations succeed, one new member at a time.

Cuckoo is an extension of Currency Marketing's core purpose. Simply put, it is our purpose to help credit unions deepen their relationships with members and persuade bank customers to become credit union members.

This is just the beginning—we have big plans for constant improvement and new products and services to help your credit union. I encourage you to sign-up for a free Club Cuckoo membership. There are a number of cool rewards, but the best part is we will send you e-mails one week in advance of new campaigns going live on this site.

Good luck with your next campaign. I sure hope we can help. Take a look around and let me know what you think.


P.S. I am very proud of our team. Everyone has had a hand in bringing Cuckoo to life including Andrew, Bhu, Bob, Bobby, Caleb, Cheryl, Eryn, Irene, Jenn, Julie, Kevin, Kristen, Michael, Nala, Nicole, Peter, Sharon and Trish. I must also give a special thanks to Michelle, who has quarterbacked this project and pushed and pushed to make it better.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed the concept and provided valuable input (you know who you are). Also to my family, Jan, Aidan and Elise who have had to put up with looking at me over the back of my laptop screen on many an evening for the past few months!

It is very exciting to see it get off the ground in such fine fashion. Many hours have been spent and the end product is awesome. Thanks everyone!

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