I've been Shevled

My post on blogging for love or money definitely split the crowd.

My friend Ron Shevlin writes:

Tim, I’m really sorry to say this in a public forum, but you’re wrong — on a number of fronts:
1) You confuse acquisition marketing with retention marketing;
2) You confuse relationship building with selling;
3) You completely miss a number of alternative tactics; and
4) You pooh-pooh some potentially good economic returns.

Ron describes, in detail, nine considerations that credit union leaders contemplate before launching a blog.

I agree with Ron's rebuttal. The sad thing is, everytime I get 'Shevled,' I agree with Ron's rebuttal! Damn him and his big brain.

Here's what I was really trying to say in my original post: There can be more than one driver behind blogging.

I am not advocating that credit unions drop everything and start a blog. I am advocating that credit unions consider blogging as a great addition to their overall marketing and communication plan. My thinking is that since more than 99% of credit unions aren't blogging for the love, maybe we can encourage a few to blog for the money.

I applaud every credit union who has tested the waters and I feel strongly that credit union leaders and marketers should gain at least a basic understanding of the power of social media and consider their own 'to blog or not to blog' strategy. Full stop.

One last point: I apologize for the dig at direct mail—not all of it is junk.

No one in the blog-o-sphere can systematically tear your blog post a new one like Mr. Shevlin. In tribute to his mastery at the 'My Take' rebuttal, I have created a custom badge that anyone who has even been 'Shevled' or who will ever be 'Shevled' can proudly display on their own blog (that means you Denise Wymore).



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