Macking on MAC

I had a great time at the 2008 MAC conference in Newport Beach. I finally met the faces attached to my Twitter friends, Morriss Partee and Tony Mannor, two strong and passionate voices in the credit union social media movement today. I also made a new friend, Kelly Waddell of FAST Federal Credit Union of Hanford, California.

Kelly is the Marketing Manager at FAST FCU. I loved the conversations we had. Everyone always has their war stories, but we also shared some real challenges with each other. My challenge is making our cuckoo campaigns affordable yet profitable and her challenge is finding a way to for her credit union to live its brand in a way that is meaningful for members, but that also contributes to the bottom line. On the last day we were so deep in conversation that our table-mate asked if we had solved all the worlds problems yet! I told her we needed about another half hour.

Like the cluetrain manifesto states, marketing is conversations, and the MAC Conference was a great place to have those. As a new MAC member, I am looking forward to engaging and sharing with other marketers on MAC's website forum.

*Note: Despite some unsavoury definitions, I use the term "macking on" in a clean, wholesome way to say "enjoying ever-so-much." An example of my intent might be "I'm macking on this delicious Americano as I type this blog!"


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