New: The Big Idea Biz Challenge

Based on Filene Research Institute's open-source concept, The Big Idea. This challenge will appeal to would-be entrepreneurs of all ages including everyone from business students to recently retired Baby Boomers that have an interest in self-employment. Really, anyone who is actively considering starting their own small business.

The challenge

  • Convince site users and our judges that you deserve the $10,000 business starter package by filling out an entry form, submitting a business plan and creating a 60-second video on why you deserve to win.

The reward

  • We recommend a total giveaway value of $16,000
  • The grand prize is $15,000 in funds, mentoring and services
  • The two secondary prizes are Quickbooks Pro ($500 each)

We will develop a custom name and find a unique domain for your challenge.


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