On the fence about BarCampBankBC? Canadian social media icon Mitch Joel thinks you should attend!

Mitch Joel, from Montreal's Twist Image, wrote a great piece for the Vancouver Sun entitled "Changing Business Through the Unconference." You can also read and comment on the article on his Six Pixels of Separation blog.

Cool. I'm a big Mitch Joel fan. I saw him present at the Credit Union Central of Canada conference in Niagara Falls last October and had the good fortune of introducing Mitch at the MACU conference in Whistler in June. He knows his stuff.

And if Mitch says you should check out BCBBC, you better listen. :)


  • If you have put your name on the Wiki, but haven't paid, please do. You can go directly to the payment site by clicking here. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. Come to think of it, how did I get strapped with the bookkeeping job when my two organizing partners, Gene and William, are credit union employees and actually know how to build a spreadsheet? Hmm.
  • We will be ordering shirts next week, so if you haven't voted on which shirt you think should get produced, please do so now! Choice A is leading the pack, but if strongly disagree get voting.
  • If you do want to attend AND want a cool shirt, sign up AND pay by September 3. After that, you can still sign up, but you better not come topless expecting anything other than pointing fingers AND strange looks.

That's it for now. Less than a month to go to BCBBC. See you there.


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