Podcast 03: Credit Union Innovator William Azaroff

Welcome to episode 3 of Credit Union Innovators. My guest is William Azaroff from Vancity. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancity is Canada's largest credit union with more than 380,000 members and more than $12 billlion in assets under management. William is the pioneer behind the highly successful Change Everything online community.

He is a thought leader and a sought-after speaker on the intersections of finance, credit unions, social media and Web 2.0.

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I met William in person last summer at BarCampBankSeattle and was immediately struck by his passion and his brain power. If your credit union is even remotely thinking about entering the blog-o-sphere, you need to listen to what William has to say—you will learn a lot.

Some links to get to know William even better

+ William's personal blog
+ William's LinkedIn profile
+ Vancity website
+ Change Everything community

Fast facts about William

  • Height? 1776 mm
  • How long at Vancity? 2.5 years
  • What do you do? Drive interactive strategy
  • Banking and soap? Two boring things that can use social media

I am so happy to hear that Vancity has made William's position permanent. He is an important voice in the credit union conversation. His desire to share his experiences and belief in the credit union movement is inspiring.

Looking for innovators

If you know a credit union innovator who I should interview, please e-mail me at tmcalpine at currencymarketing dot ca.

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