Podcast 11: Credit Union Innovator Shari Storm

Welcome to episode 11 of Credit Union Innovators. My guest is Shari Storm. Shari is the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Seattle's Verity Credit Union. She has been with the credit union industry since 1998.

Shari's staff at Verity has been using a corporate blog since 2004. They have found it to be an excellent way to communicate with members on a level never before possible. Their early foray into this medium earned them an "Innovator of the Year Award" from NetBanker in 2006.

Shari has an undergraduate degree in speech communications from the University of Washington and earned her MBA from Seattle University. She teaches "Using Social Media to Grow Your Business" at the University of Washington’s Experimental College as well as through the Corporate for Capital Development’s "Women's Networking and Entrepreneurial Training" programs.

Her accomplishments include participating in over 60 media interviews on consumer issues, teaching free enterprise in the communist country of Belarus, working on Filene’s prestigious i3 team, and raising three daughters. She will also be publishing a book on how motherhood is the perfect management training (Thomas Dunne).

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Some links to get to know Shari even better

+ Verity's corporate website
+ Verity's blog
+ Shari's website
+ Shari's book blog
+ Shari on Twitter

Fast facts about Shari

  • Where do you live? Edmonds, Washington
  • What do you take in your coffee? All sorts of things
  • How tall are you? 5' 7"
  • How many hours of sleep last night? 4 hours
  • How long in the CU world? 10 years
  • What's on your iPod? The Bridge

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Production notes

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