Podcast 17: Credit Union Innovator Christopher Morris

Welcome to episode 17 of Credit Union Innovators. My guest is Christopher Morris. Christopher is the Web Manager for the CUNA Councils, a national organization for credit union professionals. Christopher is responsible for the Councils' online presence, including all seven council websites (one main site and six individual council sites) and communication tools.

Previously, Christopher was Manager of Communications & Information for the National Credit Union Foundation. His primary duties included public relations and marketing, as well as managing the Foundation’s websites. Christopher also built cuaid.coop, the first national online disaster relief fundraising system for credit unions.

Christopher is a blogger at the YES CU Blog and was a member of Filene Research Institute’s 30 under 30 group.

Before entering the credit union system, Christopher was a high school English teacher and is a veteran of the United States Army.

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Some links to get to know Christopher even better

+ CUNA Councils
+ CUNA Councils Connect
+ CU Aid
+ YES Summit Blog
+ YES CU Community
+ Filene 30 under 30 project
+ Christopher on Twitter
+ Christopher's LastFM profile

Fast facts about Christopher

  • Weather in Madison? Ugly
  • Madonna or Radiohead? Radiohead
  • Ever been a movie extra? Yes
  • Facebook, MySpace or Twitter? Tie between Facebook and Twitter
  • Did or did you not buy a My Little Pony castle yesterday? Yes
  • Favorite Princess movie? Enchanted
  • Favorite Smashing Pumpkins album? Adore
  • How tall are you? 5'10"
  • Bank or credit union? Credit union
  • Army or Navy? Army
  • Do you have $700 billion dollars I could borrow? No

Looking for innovators

If you know a credit union innovator who I should interview, please e-mail me at tmcalpine at currencymarketing dot ca.

Production notes

+ Interview recorded with Call Recorder and Skype
+ My side recorded with a Blue Snowflake microphone
+ Edited in Audacity
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+ Music is A Song for Jake by Oregon Chad licensed through Creative Commons

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