Shout out: Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union and its 7 Principles microsite

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is the latest credit union to utilize YouTube video to tell its story. SMCU has a new microsite that highlights the seven cooperative principles that define the credit union difference.


The site is simple, fun, entertaining, educational and real. I also like how SMCU is using the lefthand side of the site to sell its Feel Good Checking Account. It's a great offer that is featured prominently without being overtly pushy.

I have two suggestions to make the experience even better.

  1. Consider enlarging the video to the 425 pixel wide YouTube default. The current size is very small and considering all of the effort that went into making the videos, why not maximize the experience?
  2. Add a way for visitors to interact with the site. A blog or a guest book would make the site more sticky and would encourage site visitors to return on a regular basis.

Nice job, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union—welcome to the social web!


Is a mascot for everyone?

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