Take a break at the CU Water Cooler

Last week, Matt Davis (the Credit Union Warrior and newly minted Filene innovation implementation consultant) called me up and explained a brainwave he had. Without getting all Jerry McGuire on you, I saw the merit immediately.

Matt bought a URL, launched a Wordpress blog and recruited a dozen active social media credit union advocates as editors and the CU Water Cooler was launched in just over a week! I was happy to contribute the graphics.


Each editor is tagging interesting links using Delicious, the tags are compared using Fever and the most popular links are published in a daily blog post. The goal is to bubble up the best credit union content and to make it easier for credit union fans to find relevant information.

As an added bonus, the CU Water Cooler Liquid Lunch live Internet radio show is being launched as a companion piece to the link service. A revolving cast of three to five CU Water Cooler editors will discuss and debate the most popular stories of the week. The first 30-minute episode is scheduled for Monday, November 30. Watch for a time and URL. We're looking for listeners to also participate in the chatroom. We were inspired by Carla Day's new CU Chat Up live show that she is doing and think the CU Water Cooler Liquid Lunch will be a great addition to the emerging live credit union radio show space!

I'm excited about the CU Water Cooler. It is an excellent concept and I'm proud to be involved. Matt wrote a great intro blog post that sums up the vision for the site. Please give it a try and let all of us know what you think.


What's next? Is it branded content?

He wore our shirt! Fantastic fun for about $600