The Credit Union Difference in One Sentence.

How often do you get asked the question, "What is the difference between a bank and a credit union?" Better yet - how do you answer that question?

In the past i've launched into a comparison of the benefits of credit unions versus banks, with anecdotal evidence of the difference. This was received well, until eyes began to glaze over and minds began to check out. says:

credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at reasonable rates, and providing other financial services to its members.[1][2][3] Many credit unions exist to further community development[4] or sustainable international development on a local level.

Very thorough but quite wordy.

And of course, we have this great video by Young & Free Alberta's Larissa - the most watched credit union video on youtube.

When online, I direct people here, but its still a bit much to convey quickly and clearly verbally, especially when I'm talking to young people like myself.

Therefore, I am on a quest to succinctly and accurately convey the credit union difference in one sentence, and I need your help! Leave your comments below, and hopefully together we can cobble together one sentence that provides an explanation of the benefits of credit unions.

I'm counting on the working power of we!



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