The Future Of Credit Unions

Hey all!

2011 is winding down! The credit union industry has seen its fair share of ebbs and rises this year, and on the eve of the dawn of a new year, its important to learn from the events that have occurred this year, and hone in on what made it so successful.

Obviously, one of the most significant events of the year was Bank Transfer Day, a grassroots effort that saw thousands join together to protest $5 fees (among other things) from banks. The mot exciting thing about Bank Transfer Day was that it was started by one person, and quickly over 80,000 joined the movement.

When I first entered the world of credit unions in 2008, a dynamic change was at the cusp of beginning. Credit unions were starting to realize that Gen Y would be an integral part of their membership and communities if they were to succeed.

When I made this video back then, very few young people had any idea what a credit union was. I didn't even fully understand at that point. Has this changed? Do young people far and wide know the majesty of the credit union movement? I can't say for sure.

As we move into a new era of banking, remember that we have an opportunity to surge forth into 2012 strong, confident and capable. Its time to drop some of the mistakes of the past and create a new future for an industry that has gotten a new lease on life. When that ball drops, what will your credit union's resolution be?


Happy New Year and one more crack at Christmas!

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