Thing 20 of 30: Take a Filene open-source idea and run with it

September is 30 things I would implement or consider implementing at my credit union if I was a credit union leader.

Thing 20: Take a Filene open-source idea and run with it

It's tough to come up with big ideas on your own. That's where the Filene Research Institute can help. Its mission is to support research efforts that will ultimately enhance the well-being of consumers and assist credit unions in adapting to rapidly changing economic, legal and social environments.

Basically, Filene is charged with coming up with big ideas and then setting them free for credit unions to implement. One of the ways that they do this is through the work of the i3 groups. Filene i3 is made up of a bunch of smart and creative credit union professionals that work to bring ideas to life. These small groups dream up innovative product and promotional ideas, create business cases and prototypes and ultimately package these ideas up for credit unions to take and implement.

There is big fat list of awesome ideas waiting to be brought to life at your credit union.

If I was a credit union leader, I would join Filene, spend some time pouring over all of the wonderful research and the i3 ideas, pick one or two and bring them to life at our credit union.

In fact, there is a whole laundry list of great Gen Y product ideas that a young group of credit union professionals called the CU Tomorrow group came up with that could help you fulfill 'Thing 19.'

Seriously, this sounds like a no-brainer to me!


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