Video: Filene i3 Takes Quebec

For five days in April, over 30 innovators from Filene's prestigious i3 program collaborated with counterparts from Desjardins for inspiration, insights and ideas across Quebec. Once again Matt Hawkins and myself tagged along to film the adventure. Here's a short teaser video that gives a peek into the innovation experience and what i3 is all about. Look for the full-length version soon.

If you are a credit union professional in a lower-than-CEO position, you should definitely apply to be a part of i3. Filene is currently accepting applications until June 1, 2014.


Tim McAlpine lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. He is the President and Creative Director of Currency Marketing, an integrated marketing agency specializing in helping credit unions attract the next generation of members. Tim is best known as the creator of Young & Free and CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec, and co-creator of the CU Water Cooler.