What 'crapspeak' buzzword gets under your skin?

A friend of mine sent me a link to this fun article in the Globe and Mail entitled Going forward, rise up against crapspeak.

This got me thinking about words that get under my skin.

When I was in junior high, my Mom often used the word ace to try to be cool and relate to my 13-year-old friends and me. Bless her heart, but that got under my skin.

When I was in high school, Cory Gardner bought a 1974 Dodge Dart that he transformed into a pure American muscle car complete with traction bars, hood locks, fancy wheels and a bunch of chrome engine accessories. He used to say, "Let me give you a peek under the motorhood" to anybody who would listen. That got under my skin.

This was the adolescent crapspeak that is forever lodged in my head. Now, as an adult, there is a whole lexicon of crapspeak that we have to wade through everyday.

Recently, I blogged about viral videos and this set off a cavalcade of conversation on Twitter about words like, viral, cyber and virtual.

But wait there's more. What about value proposition, synergy, leverage, bleeding edge and revenue stream to name but a few.

Then there's job titles like brand evangelist and barista. Barista gets under my skin.

What crapspeak words make you want to club a co-worker over the head with a stapler (so to speak)?


P.S. Come to think of it lexicon and cavalcade sound like crapspeak. Sorry.

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