When is a stock campaign more original than an original campaign?

Our Cuckoo blog is not meant to be a commercial for Cuckoo. I will attempt to offer useful marketing tips that your credit union can use. But, on occassion, if I see something that proves a point, I will plug a feature of what we do with Cuckoo. Forgive me!

I think I am on the e-mailing list for more than a dozen online stock photography vendors. Judging by the sheer number of competitors in this category, the stock photography business must be booming!

So, the other day I get an e-mail from Comstock that tickles my funny bone. Comstock is a fine company that has been in business for decades. And like any successful company that sees an opportunity in the marketplace, Comstock has filled a need. It has taken advantage of the homogenous nature of the financial services industry.

The e-mail was humorous to me because the offer was for a new CD-ROM collection of images entitled Banking Customers 2.

I imagined every bank and credit union marketer and every ad agency and design firm working for financial institution clients clicking on the link and ordering the disk and using these images in their next campaign!

This is exactly why we have decided to create original images for all of our Cuckoo campaigns. At times, it has seemed like a lot of work and the tempation to use a disk like this is always there, but we will continue to resist, because you may be buying a stock campaign from Cuckoo, but we want our stock campaigns to be more original than most 'original' campaigns!

I am not against stock photography! In fact, we use stock quite regularly in our work at Currency Marketing, just (hopefully) not the typical stuff you see in volumes like this. The driving factors to use stock images are time, cost and ease. In fact, I wrote an article not too long ago for a business publication about the pros and cons of stock photography.

Our goal with creating original images for our campaigns is to give your credit union original imagery that you don't have to wait for, that doesn't cost too much and is easy to get you hands on. Sounds pretty good, huh?


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