American Express Wants To Be In Your Twitter: Smart Move or Blunder?

American Express recently announced a new program, "Tweet Your Way To Savings."

From VentureBeat:

Here’s how it works: An AmEx cardholder can sign in with Twitter to sync her account — a must-complete first step for savings. The customer is then eligible to tweet any of the current hashtag offers to receive savings that are automatically applied with each eligible purchase. No coupon, print or otherwise, is required.

Interesting! Basically, American Express is targeting a group of people who already use services like Groupon or Living Social and cutting out the middleman.

Some of the promotions are also pretty tempting - $5 off of a $5 purchase at McDonald's, or $10 off of a purchase of $50 at H&M, anyone?

American Express is hoping to do what Facebook (and pretty much any other already established brand, including Google) has failed to do: build a successful "deals" system for their consumers.

After only 4 months of exsitence, Facebook killed off "Facebook Deals." Google Offers is still around, but doesn't seem to have great traction.

What is intriguing about what American Express is offering is that your savings are instantaneous - spend $75 at Whole Foods and get $20 back into your account. This gives American Express an edge of wider appeal, because instead of saving money, it seems as if you're earning it.

Its an intriguing premise, and only time will tell if it is successful, but so far? It seems like it could work.

What do you think? Would you (or have you) synced your Twitter up with American Express? Let us  know in the comments!


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