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3 Ways to Financially Face 2015

2015 is just around the corner, which means many of us will be finalizing our new year’s resolutions such as the ones above before that giant, shiny, glittery ball drops at midnight. While new year’s resolutions regarding health and family are among the most popular, money is also at the top of the list. As I look back and reflect on 2014, here are a few things I learned that may be of some assistance as you enter the new year.

Trust or Bust

Let’s talk about trust, y’all. I recently took my biannual visit to the dentist. I decided to try a new doctor this time around after scheduling conflicts with my usual guy, and after it was all said and done, I found myself exiting the building with a sour taste in my mouth (both literally and figuratively).

Are You Holding Your Credit Union Back?

During my acting days, a particularly astute director once gave me this piece of wisdom: "Villains never believe that they are the villain of their own story. In their mind, they are right." This is not to paint all upper management as villains, but rather to help you identify if you are the one holding up progress. No one ever wants to think of themselves as being a barrier to progress, but you may be inadvertently creating roadblocks for your team.