Blog starter kit part 3: a dozen blogs by credit union employees

This category was a little tough since I follow quite a few credit union employee blogs. To narrow the list, I have intentionally excluded personal blogs that aren't centered around credit union issues since these folks probably wouldn't want a bunch of credit union marketers and technologists following their personal adventures in life!

This list includes a board member (Luis) and a great new blog by a former credit union employee (Mark) and the most prolific blog in the credit union space (Bruen and Bensley). None of these blogs are sanctioned by their credit union employers—I will list those blogs in the next post.

  1. Feed | URL | Bruen/Bensley Credit Union Blog
  2. Feed | URL | CreditUnion2Zero by Luis Barros
  3. Feed | URL | It’s Accrual World by Mark Sadowski
  4. Feed | URL | Nancy Zimmerman (a Canadian money coach)
  5. Feed | URL | No Brand Pimps by Butch Holley Evans
  6. Feed | URL | The Credit Union Warrior by Matt Davis
  7. Feed | URL | The Life and Times of a CU Employee by Robbie Wright
  8. Feed | URL | The Loop by Andy LaFlamme
  9. Feed | URL | Thwart Mediocrity by Trey Reeme
  10. Feed | URL | Tinfoiling by Gene Blishen
  11. Feed | URL | William Azaroff
  12. Feed | URL | Wired CU by Gabriel Garcia


  • Dozen blogs by credit union service providers
  • Dozen blogs by providers servicing banks and credit unions

Next up:

  • Dozen blogs by credit unions
  • Dozen blogs by credit union leagues and associations
  • Dozen blogs about marketing and social media
  • Dozen blogs that are just silly and fun

I know I must have missed somebody important! Please add them to the comments.


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