Blog starter kit part 4: a dozen blogs by credit unions

This category may be the only one that really matters! These are credit unions involved in social media and actually engaging in dialogue with members and potential members online.

  1. Feed | URL | Carolina Postal Credit Union's I Love My Hoopty Blog
  2. Feed | URL | Forum Credit Union Unofficial Spokespeople Blog
  3. Feed | URL | Hamilton Community CU Blog
  4. Feed | URL | Hopewell Federal Credit Union's Blog
  5. Feed | URL | Piedmont Credit Union Member Connect
  6. Feed | URL | Tech CU Money Savvy
  7. Feed | URL | The Addison Cafe
  8. Feed | URL | The Boardcast by UFirst
  9. Feed | URL | UTFCU Rocks
  10. Feed | URL | UWCU Source Code—The Web Branch Blog
  11. Feed | URL | Vancity's Change Everything Community
  12. Feed | URL | Verity Credit Union Our Voices Blog


  • Dozen blogs by credit union service providers
  • Dozen blogs by providers servicing banks and credit unions
  • Dozen blogs by credit union employees

Next up:

  • Dozen blogs by credit union leagues and associations
  • Dozen blogs about marketing and social media
  • Dozen blogs that are just silly and fun

This category was extremely difficult to narrow down to just 12. If I missed your credit union's blog, I apologize. My criteria for selecting blogs to include was based on how interesting the writing is, how frequently new articles are posted, does the blog have a differentiated point of view, does the blog demonstrate a personality and does the blog give me any reason to come back for more.

I mentioned above that these are credit unions engaging in dialogue. Perhaps a better phrase would be attempting to engage in dialogue. If I went by comment count, this list would be pretty sparse! In general, credit union blogs don't generate many comments. That's a topic I will explore in an upcoming blog post.

There are far more than a dozen credit unions blogging now, so please build on my list by adding more to the comments.


P.S. I left Young & Free Alberta and Young & Free Texas off the list to make sure I included room for an unbiased dozen (that was hard)!

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