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Teaching Financial Literacy

In late July, Tim and I attended the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) Conference in San Diego. The NYIB focuses on financial education for youth, primarily school-aged kids and teenagers. With Young & Free’s focus on the 18-to-25 age group, it is a natural complement. Tim was brought in to conduct a full-day pre-conference session, "Moving The Young Adult Needle." Attendees learned to connect with young adults and discovered what makes Gen Y and Z tick.

When Small Thinks Big

Kaison Darden, 20, from Wetumpka, Alabama, has just been announced as the Young & Free Alabama Spokester for Guardian Credit Union. And while her four-week journey from submitting an application, to becoming a finalist, and finally winning the role of Young & Free Alabama Spokester is an amazing story, more amazing is how a credit union with $250 million in assets brought such an involved program to their staff, members and community.

The Evolution of Sales, Social and Young Adults

Last week we launched our first ever loan campaign for Servus Credit Union's Young & Free Alberta. As we reach the program’s sixth anniversary, that seems almost impossible to believe, yet our philosophy with Young & Free has always been to connect with people on a personal level, using lots of social avenues, so that they remember your awesome credit union when they need that checking account, or loan or credit card.

Young & Free Turns 5!

Five years ago this week Young & Free was born. At the time, the concept of a business-sponsored user-generated contest, involving videos and blogs in order to hire someone, or conversely to apply for a job or enter a contest, was completely original and new.

Money Mom and FamZoo Together!

To give Money Mom credit unions a great tool to feature and promote financial education, Currency is partnering with FamZoo, a family friendly web application that helps parents teach children the practical money skills they’ll need to thrive in the real world.