Challenge your members

In a recent Ipsos News Alert, it was reported that "fully eight in ten Canadians (86%) enjoy being exposed to people and ideas that challenge the way they look at the world."

When Larissa put out her great "difference" video on behalf of Young & Free Alberta, I sent it to several family and friends. I wanted to share the kind of work my company does. Here is the response from one of them:

"This is so informative!!  I never really knew the difference before.
I am convinced that I should join our local Credit Union."

So many credit unions that Currency works with have growth opportunities with their existing membership, let alone new members. Banking is such a commodity these days, that providing great service is merely table stakes. What does your credit union do that is different? How can you challenge members to rethink their banking relationship and deepen their credit union relationship?


Hey credit union marketer: Do you want the diet pill or are you willing to pump iron?

Young & Free Alberta wins big at the MAC Awards!