CU newsletters part 1 - why do one?

Our agency used to do a newsletter as a self-promotion piece. It had an awesome, funny staff photo on the cover and great case studies inside. It was targeted at existing customers, and anyone we could rope into our mailing list (think way back to those golden, don't-need-opt-in-approval marketing days. Sigh!)

It was used as a business-getting tool, and to that end it had marginal success. But I firmly believe newsletters are a business-keeping tool.

Here's why you should produce a newsletter:

  1. Promote your brand: Are you a wealth-sharer or an agent of change credit union? Then you need to regularly include stories that underline this positioning. You need to LEAD THIS CONVERSATION in your marketplace.
  2. Get referrals: If you don't have a member referral program, START ONE. Then promote the heck out of it in your newsletter. Word of mouth versus traditional advertising is likely the top reason you get new members (feel free to argue with me on that.)
  3. Important announcements: Are you undertaking a banking conversion or other operational change? This is a good place to explain it.
  4. Find great staff: If you're not constantly on the look-out for great staff members, you should be. Create a tiny section directing members to a page on your website for job postings. Then, instead of just posting a typical job description, think of why folks should be beating down your door to work there. If you can't think of reasons, you need to start MAKING some!
  5. Compliance & legal: Obviously credit unions are legislated to make certain announcements, such as dates for AGMs. This is a good vehicle to use.
  6. Create a relationship: Finally, a conversational tone that algins with your brand and is enjoyable to read lets you build a relationship with the reader. If people smile when they read your newsletter, you'll build an interested readership instead of a group of paper recyclers.

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Watch for part two tomorrow, CU newsletters part 2 - tips on newsletter design.


CU newsletters part 2 - tips on newsletter design

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