Currency featured in HOW Magazine!

Ever since buying the May/June 1991 issue of the design publication, HOW Magazine, I have dreamed of gracing its pages. Well, who knew it would be something as seemingly mundane as our employee Intranet that would allow me to cross that off the list of life goals!

Power Lies Within

See how creative firms are using technology to manage team resources and develop closer client relationships.

Steve is the go-to guy when any of Currency Marketing’s 10 employees forget the preferred way to reorder pressure-sensitive laminate or need the firm’s username and password to access a stock-photo website.

He’s thoughtful, the kind of guy who remembers that Sandy Pitkethly, Currency’s director of client services, prefers chocolate pecan pie instead of cake on her birthday, February 12. He’s also resourceful (he reminds the team that garbage is removed from the premises on Fridays at 9 a.m.), a little nerdy (he knows that each employee’s short-term disability benefit is two-thirds of weekly earnings or $800, whichever is less) and unabashedly eclectic (the best way to cook “turducken”—a chicken stuffed in a duck that’s stuffed in a turkey—is for about nine hours at 225 degrees F).

"Steve is the man who knows everything and has the lowdown on everybody,” says Tim McAlpine, president and chief strategist at Currency Marketing, based in Chilliwack, British Columbia. “He’s a superhero. If you need anything, you turn to Steve."

Actually, you turn him on.


Are you kidding me?!

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