Podcast 05: Credit Union Innovator Doug True

Welcome to episode 5 of Credit Union Innovators. My guest is Doug True from FORUM Solutions. Located in Fishers, Indiana, FORUM Solutions is a wholly owned CUSO of FORUM Credit Union. Doug True is a pioneer in lending and credit union product innovation.

I met Doug through the credit union blog-o-sphere in early 2007 and then in person at the FORUM Solutions/Trabian Partnership Symposium in October 2007. He is a passionate credit union advocate, a thought-provoking speaker and an all-around great guy. 

You can listen by streaming audio here on the blog or you can subscribe to it in iTunes and listen on your iPod.

Some links to get to know Doug even better

+ Doug's personal blog
+ FORUM Solutions' website
+ FORUM Credit Union website

Fast facts about Doug

  • Why is FORUM always capitalized? Branding
  • What do you take in your coffee? Nothing hot, Diet Pepsi instead
  • Is Trabian a good tenant? Yes
  • What's on your iPod? Audiobooks and new music
  • Do you have $500,000 to lend Tim? No
  • Married? Yes
  • Kids? Two
  • What have you got against banks? Nothing, better gig in CU land
  • Favorite ice cream flavour? Pineapple
  • Height? 6' 0"


UPDATE: I just noticed that this is my 100th post! Wow, time flies.

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