Currency Marketing is CUCKOO for credit unions

For the past few weeks we have had a banner at the bottom of our blog that read, "Has Currency gone cuckoo?" Well, we are ready to let you in on our big secret. We are delighted to announce that our latest concept has hatched. What is it you ask? Cuckoo! Amazing stock campaigns for credit unions.

We found ourselves with requests for campaigns from credit unions across the continent. Many of the credit unions were of a smaller scale and found that their budget couldn’t support a customized campaign. Yet they still wanted creative, captivating and engaging marketing. From this Cuckoo was born.

Cuckoo is our way of giving smaller credit unions the tools they need to take a bite out of the big banks!

After a year in the nest our bird is ready to take flight. We are so excited about the launch of Cuckoo and we hope you will be too. Click here to check out our new site. We'd love to hear what you think.

We held a preview at a special party in Banff at the MACU Spring Conference on Thursday night. Here is a video of our road trip. It was a blast. Don't worry, we have kept all of the footage PG!

Are we cuckoo? Absolutely.


P.S. I am very proud of our team. Everyone has had a hand in bringing Cuckoo to life including Andrew, Bhu, Bob, Bobby, Caleb, Cheryl, Eryn, Irene, Jenn, Julie, Kevin, Kristen, Michael, Nala, Nicole, Peter, Sharon and Trish. I must also give a special thanks to Michelle, who has quarterbacked this project and pushed and pushed to make it better.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed the concept and provided valuable input (you know who you are). Also to my family, Jan, Aidan and Elise who have had to put up with looking at me over the back of my laptop screen on many an evening for the past few months!

It is very exciting to see it get off the ground in such fine fashion. Many hours have been spent and the end product is awesome. Thanks everyone! 

We are receiving great feedback on Cuckoo, but this one from Gene takes the cake!

Well, it looks like the Vote 4 Tim campaign was successful