We are receiving great feedback on Cuckoo, but this one from Gene takes the cake!

Gene Blishen from Mount Lehman Credit Union made our day recently with the most creative best-wishes e-mail ever. For those of you who have never met Gene, you need to. Gene is a genuine advocate for small credit unions and has been an awesome client for almost a decade. His Tinfoiling blog is a must read and he was a major contributor to us switching from PCs to MACs a few years ago. I couldn't take his mocking any longer! As long as there are people like Gene in the credit union movement, we've got nothing to worry about.

Thanks Gene. You rock!

If you have no idea what Gene is referring to, we have launched a new stock campaign service for credit unions called Cuckoo.


Answers to an excellent e-mail

Currency Marketing is CUCKOO for credit unions