Dear Credit Unions: Direct Mailers Suck. (An Open Letter)

Dear CEOs of the world,

My name is DeAndre'. I am a reasonably attractive, socially active 23 year old man. I lead a busy life, replete with a full social calendar and extravagant purchases (I bought organic grapes the other day!).

As a young person with a busy life, it stands to reason that I take advantage of any opportunity possible to make my life easier. For instance, I don't always have time to go to the movies. Thats why I use this service called Netflix: think of it like a mail-order catalog. I pick the movies that I want and they send them straight to my house! Any movie I want. Aces, huh?

That's where my problem with you guys comes in. My mailbox (an antiquated device, if there ever was one! It doesn't even have a firewire port) is a receptacle for three things, and three things only: wedding announcements, Netflix, and Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons (Gotta have my warm vanilla sugar body lotion for 20% off!)

Imagine my utter shock and disgust when I traipse out of my apartment in the morning INTO THE ELEMENTS to receive my long awaited Digital Video Discs (or "DVDs" as some call them) and my mail receptacle is inundated with unsolicited newsletters advertising your new low rates and the weekly happenings at the branch!?

Would you like to know where those mailers go? Into the recycling bin with the Valu-Sav coupons! 

And why is this? Some organizations are finding that direct mailers aren't actually more effective than e-mail, and if there is any chance of its effectivenes, you're probably doing it wrong.

I pose a solution! When new members sign up for an account, give them the opportunity to opt-in to physical mail. Not only do you seem totes boss for giving us options (we effing love options) but by offering people the chance to have less paper in their mailbox, you get the opportunity to seem green and world-conscious! Win-win for everybody.  

You could also offer the opportunity to opt-in/out for email communication. That'd be a super way to grow your email database while not killing trees.  I'm just sayin.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I simply must run. I have to be off to buy some skinny jeans* and listen to a new artist called Lady Gaga**. She's brilliant.


*Note: Neither the author of this piece nor his affiliates endorse the purchase or use of skinny jeans. 

** We also don't endorse listening to too much Lady Gaga. She doesn't wear pants.

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