Does your credit union stink?

Earlier this year I attended the 2008 MAC Conference in Newport Beach. As I do whenever possible, I stay at the hotel where it's being held. And, as in most cases, the walk from my room to the conference area feels like a five mile hike. This time, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

To get from my room (at the back of the hotel) to the conference area, I had to walk down a path lined with various shrubs and flowers. It smelled heavenly! I loved my morning and afternoon walks. I kill most plants I even LOOK AT, so I had no idea what I was smelling, but I knew I wanted to bring that smell home with me. I ended up buying a guava candle before I left. It's not a match for that scent, but whenever I light it, it reminds me of how much I enjoyed my stay at the MAC Conference.

Smell can be a huge emotion and memory trigger. And don't tell me "but they can also trigger BAD memories and emotions, and that would be BAD!" I've yet to meet someone who has a bad memory associated with, say, freshly baked bread. Except for Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck maybe, or someone who was beaten with a bread pan in their teen years. But WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?


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