Epic Trailer and Behind the Scenes Videos

Here's a couple of fun It's a Money Thing videos that we recently completed.

First up, a movie-trailer-style promo video. We now have a succinct, compelling and fun way to explain our dynamic financial education content program for credit unions. We premiered it on the big screen at the recent Disruption '17 by CU Water Cooler conference in Madison, Wisconsin in early June to rave reviews. Check it out.

Next up, is a fun and informative behind-the-scenes presentation that Larissa and Earthstar did at our It's a Money Thing Madison Meet-Up held in conjunction with the CU Water Cooler conference. I liked what they did so much that I asked them to do it again in our studio theatre so we could film it and share the video online. Take a look and learn what goes into creating our It's a Money Thing video episodes.

Tim McAlpine is the President and Creative Director of Currency Marketing. He is best known for developing the Young & Free Marketing Program and the It's a Money Thing Financial Education Program that credit unions from around North America are using to connect with new young adult members. He is also the driving force behind CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec competition and a co-founder of the CU Water Cooler.