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Introducing Money Clips

We’ve heard the recurring question, “Does Currency offer short financial education videos that we can use on our credit union's digital signage and also share on social media?” The answer is, “We do now!”

It's a Money Thing 2016 Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the 2016 It's a Money Thing 365-Day Content Adventure Contest are Afena Federal Credit Union in Marion, Indiana and Midwest Community Credit Union in Defiance, Ohio. These two credit unions will each receive a free 12-month subscription to our It’s a Money Thing financial education content program.

Kingston CCU Connects with Youth Through Financial Education

You know who your vulnerable members are. They are students struggling to balance school, work, budgets and expenses. Or they are young parents working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Nicolus Blunt, MSR with Kingston Community Credit Union, saw a need for financial education in his community, and how it could help members in need.

CalPoly FCU Reports Students Learning From FinEd Content

Imagine this… a low-income credit union with access to over six thousand college-age students, but no financial education materials to share with them. That was the situation that led Barbara Bean, president and CEO of Cal Poly Federal Credit Union, to enter our contest “365-Day Content Adventure Contest” in June, 2015. 

New It's a Money Thing Video: Credit Score Breakdown

Our second It's a Money Thing video is complete and ready for our subscribers. Jen meets Credit Squirrel and learns about credit scores and why they are important. It's fast-paced and filled with educational tidbits. I'm very proud of this piece and it really sets the tone of what you can expect from our content packs going forward.