Fake Facebook Accounts? What It Means for Your Credit Union

The news broke last week that 83 million Facebook accounts are fake, inactive, or duplicates. A website analyzed some of the top twitter accounts and found that many of them (including Lady Gaga and President Obama) had a large percentage of fake or inactive followers.

Many users of social media are obsessed with raising their follower count, which is natural. People who have a large number of followers must have something important and valuable to say, because otherwise they wouldn't have so many followers, right?

Numbers, while they are important, aren't the end all of social media. They can be a great indicator of community health, but what is much more important is how your community interacts with you. I'd rather have 100 Facebook fans who actively engage with my content than 20,000 that ignore me. 

Concentrate on growing your credit union's social media community organically. Drive engagement by raising awareness in branches, doing awesome social media contests and delivering content that is valuable to your community. 

How does your credit union work to raise community engagement? Are numbers a big focus of your social media plan? Let us know!

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